Simulation based education at WNHS

“Simulated learning environments (SLEs) are an essential part of modern clinical education and training. They improve the quality of training and facilitate interprofessional learning (IPL), where appropriate, to provide significant safety and cost-efficiency benefits to healthcare.” (WA Health Simulation Training Strategy, 2011).

This information applies to Simulation Based Education (SBE) activities provided by King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH). The information provides guidance for all professional disciplines involved in the planning, development, management or evaluation of SBE for KEMH/WNHS. The aim of SBE in this environment is the enhancement of learning and teamwork to improve the safety and quality of patient care.    

While it is acknowledged that SBE can take place in a range of different environments, the information and documents on this web page includes specific information for the use of the Simulation facility located with the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research (DNAMER) at KEMH.

Simulation based education toolkit 

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