Private patients

At King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH), we are committed to providing a high standard of care and treatment to every patient.

You may not be aware that KEMH has a Private Patient Program for patients who admit using their private health insurance, which guarantees you no out of pocket expenses for your inpatient stay. If you have private health insurance you can choose to be treated as either a public or private patient. 

More than half of the privately insured patients who admit to WA public hospitals choose to use their private health insurance. This choice makes an important contribution to ensuring high quality health services are available to everyone in the community.

Using private health insurance can help to make your stay a little more comfortable and will directly help KEMH. The vast majority of patients who use their private health insurance do not pay anything for their treatment.

It is your right to make the choice to use your private health insurance for inpatient care that you need, whether that care is provided in a public or private hospital.

The benefits

Regardless of financial status, all patients receive the same quality of treatment and range of services, including:

  • Access to the State’s leading doctors, specialists and equipment;
  • 24/7 access to appropriate medical support, services and emergency care.

However, there are additional benefits for patients choosing to use their private health insurance.

Choice of Doctor

As a private patient, you may have your choice of doctor. Please be aware that Consultants at KEMH work in teams to provide a high quality service to all of the patients under their care, and there may be instances when your preferred doctor is unavailable. If this occurs, another suitably qualified doctor will provide your treatment.

Junior doctors are part of the team, and you will be seen by them as well. Junior doctors are always under the supervision of, and seek, advice from a Consultant. We will not charge your private health insurer for consultations with a junior doctor.

No Out of Pocket Expense

KEMH offers a ‘no out of pocket expense’ guarantee to private patients for their hospital stay and procedures (e.g. hospital accommodation, pathology, radiology, ICU, theatre fees).

Your specialist doctor/consultant will provide medical care at no out-of-pocket expense unless he or she advises you differently.

Our Private Patient Liaison Officers will be able to assist you to determine the type of cover you have, and whether your cover applies to the specialist care you will receive in our hospital.

Complimentary Amenities

To thank you for choosing to use your private health insurance, you will be offered some complimentary amenities to make your stay more comfortable:

  • television access
  • meals for your partner
  • toiletries pamper pack
  • newspapers.

Private room

As a private patient, you can request a single room, and we will record your room preference.

We trust you understand that priority is given to patients according to medically-assessed special needs.

If a suitable single room is available for your stay, we will do our best to ensure that we provide one to you.

Our hospital

The money from your private health fund is given directly to the hospital, and helps KEMH to continue to:

  • attract and retain the State’s leading doctors, specialists, nurses and allied health staff
  • provide our patients with the highest quality treatment in a safe and caring environment.

Here to help

For more information about your level of health fund coverage and for advice about your options please speak to a Private Patient Liaison Officer.

Private Patient Liaison Officer
Tel: (08) 6458 1066 or (08) 6458 1416