Agnes Walsh House Lodge

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) offers short-term temporary accommodation for women ONLY from regional or remote areas who are required to be in Perth for care at KEMH. Agnes Walsh House Lodge is located next door to the main hospital and provides single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Speak to your midwife or doctor if you need support with accommodation at KEMH.

Arriving at Agnes Walsh House Lodge

Patient Care Assistants (PCAs) will be your main contacts throughout your stay at the Lodge. PCAs are available Sunday to Friday 6.30am to 3.00pm and Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm. 

Please arrive to the admissions arrival area in the Emergency Centre (Finding your Way), at KEMH where a PCA will be paged to orientate you with your room and other facilities that you may use during your stay. If arriving after 2.30pm, an Orderly will orientate you. You may be required to attend the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit (MFAU) prior to your admission.

Each room is supplied with bath towels, blankets, pillows and sheets, fresh linen is in the bathroom. There are also free laundry facilities in the basement.

All your meals are provided at no cost. Breakfast can be made by you in the kitchen. Tea, coffee and milo can be made at any time in the kitchen.

Lunch (11.45am to 1.45pm) and dinner (5.45pm to 6.45pm) is served in the staff dining room located in B Block Lower Ground Floor. This is for Agnes Walsh House boarders only. 

What to pack for your stay

All patients are reminded to bring:

  • your admission letter
  • your Medicare card and your private hospital insurance card, if you have one
  • emergency contact details of your next-of-kin
  • any medications you may be taking
  • any x-rays or scans that may be related to your condition
  • comfortable clothing, sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers (non-slip sole), as it is important for footwear to be worn at all times
  • any mobility aids that you use (e.g. walking frame)
  • personal toiletries such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, pads and hairbrush
  • a small amount of money for items such as newspapers, magazines, and telephone calls 
  • EFTPOS/credit card.
Maternity patients must also bring:
  • 1 x pack newborn nappies and baby wipes
  • nursing bra and 1 x box of breast pads
  • 5 x packs of maternity or overnight pads
  • baby soap, cotton wool balls and cotton buds
  • baby clothes and blanket for going home
  • if choosing to formula feed, formula and feeding equipment.

Please do not keep any valuables or money in your room. The hospital cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.


Visiting hours: 8.00am to 6.00pm

Visitors are welcome at Agnes Walsh Lodge; however children and males are not permitted to stay overnight. Please contact the Social Work Department during office hours on (08) 6458 2777 if you need help finding somewhere else for family or friends to stay.

For safety reasons the doors to Agnes Walsh House are locked every day at 6pm and are unlocked at 6am. If the doors are locked you can enter the Lodge through the basement level.

At night an Orderly/Security is available to walk with you between Agnes Walsh House and the hospital. Please ask admission or the area you are visiting to page the Orderly/Security when you are ready to go back to your room if you require an escort.

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