Falls prevention

Staff will assess your risk of falls on admission and again if your condition changes or if you move wards. Staff will discuss your personal risks for falling to reduce your risk in hospital.

Some mothers may have a risk of falling after having a baby. As a new mother you have an increased risk of falling if you:

  • are very tired, disorientated or drowsy 
  • have had an epidural, spinal, general anaesthetic, sedation or other pain relief 
  • have had bleeding during pregnancy, birth or in the postnatal period 
  • have certain medical conditions such as epilepsy, low blood pressure or diabetes 
  • are wearing badly fitting shoes or socks 
  • have a visual or physical disability.

While in hospital you can use the following steps to avoid falling:

  • Press the nurse call bell and wait for assistance when you require help.
  • Remember to wear your prescribed glasses. Make sure you can see clearly by putting on your glasses before attempting to get up.
  • Always use your walking aid or the assistance of another person when walking.
  • Medications can have difference side effects so if you feel dizzy, don’t get up.
  • Take your time when getting up from sitting or lying down. Let staff know if you feel unwell or unsteady on your feet.
  • Use the rails to get off the chair or the toilet. If you feel unsafe in the bathroom, remain seated and call for assistance
  • If unsteady, call a nurse to go to the toilet. Press the nurse call button and wait for assistance to walk back.
  • Don’t lean on furniture, call a nurse for assistance.
  • Sit down instead of standing while you are in hospital.
  • Use a shower chair when showering 
  • Wear safe footwear. Only walk around in non-slip shoes
  • Use walking aids when walking around the hospital.
  • Don’t get up by yourself, call for a nurse.
  • Familiarise yourself with your room and bathroom. Be aware of any hazards (e.g. spills and clutter) and tell staff when you see them 
  • At night: Use the light button on the call bell to turn the light on before getting out of bed. Turn the light on in the bathroom If you have a fall, do not try to get up, call for assistance. Do not get up on your own, wait for staff to help you.