Teaching and students

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) is a teaching hospital that provides important education and training opportunities for health care providers. Medical, midwifery, nursing, and allied health staff caring for you may have students working with them. It is likely that students will be involved in discussing your details including any relevant assessments as part of your overall care.

Students may be undergraduate or postgraduate and already registered in another profession. They are always working under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. 

Resident Medical Officers and Registrars are not students but qualified doctors who are undergoing ongoing training. They are all registered Medical Practitioners. You may be examined and undergo treatment by any of these medical officers, however any decisions about the provision of care is still ultimately overseen by consultant specialists. Supervision is provided according to the level of training of the doctor and all procedures are either supervised by someone more senior or performed by doctors who have been credentialed to perform that procedure independently.

If you have any concerns please speak with a staff member.