Information for Patients

Our team has a long history of caring for women. All of our staff are highly qualified and committed to providing not only the best medical care but a flexible and compassionate and caring service. We understand that women want the best possible outcomes for their babies and we work to build a strong relationship to ensure that both the mother and infant have the best health and social outcomes.

Before your baby is born

We provide you with woman centred pregnancy care and the opportunity to:

  • Access pregnancy care, which is our priority
  • Explore personal issues and make positive changes
  • Learn new ways to manage stress 
  • Develop strategies to reduce or stop using 
  • Obtain a referral to support services 
  • Access information about harm minimisation in order to reduce the harm to yourself and your pregnancy 
  • Obtain advice and classes on parenting skills 

Our service also runs the following clinics to support you through your pregnancy:

  • Booking clinic on Wednesday 
  • Multidisciplinary follow-up clinic on Friday 
  • Post Natal Follow up for three months following birth 

You will be encouraged to start attending clinics and other WANDAS appointments in the first trimester (first 12 weeks) of your pregnancy. We will provide you with access to routine scans and tests, social support, psychiatric and midwifery support, parent education, advice about diet and referrals to other services which may be suitable to you.

After your baby is born

During your pregnancy, we will assist you to access appropriate services to support you following the birth of your baby. You will be offered an appointment check-up after you have had your baby. You may also attend contraception and family planning services.

Routine follow-up for your baby includes an appointment at 2 weeks and continues up to 3 months of age. This may vary according to your baby's individual requirements. You may be referred to a paediatrician at Princess Margret Hospital should your baby require follow-up appointments.


You can contact the service directly when you discover you are pregnant, or be referred by your GP, health care worker or community service provider.